Quand prendre du CBD : Le matin ou le soir ?

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There is no better time to take CBD, it all depends on your expectations …

When to take your dose of CBD?

Everyone experiences the effects of cannabinoids in their own way, so it’s quite difficult to say that there is a specific time of day to consume CBD.

If you are looking for sleep then it is best to take it before going to bed.

However, if you want to be relaxed during the day and still get off on the right foot, then go for the morning.

The question to ask yourself is what effect you are looking for. You will then find the answer by observing yourself and detecting the times when your body and mind need it most.


Reasons to take CBD in the morning?

  • If you dread a tough day, or want to see life on the bright side,
  • If during your morning ritual you take food supplements,
  • If you work your muscles in the morning while doing physical activity.


The reasons for taking CBD at night?

  • If you need to relax and disconnect after a stressful and hectic day,
  • If you come home from the gym or have physical pain at the end of the day,
  • If you want to fall asleep more easily.


To conclude:

Nothing you from taking CBD in the morning prevents AND in the evening, the key is to get to know the dosage that is right for you and that makes you feel good!

The great thing about canabidiol is that it will help you find balance in your body.

And since it comes in different forms ( oil CBD , CBD flowers …) that leaves you spoiled for choice!